We are having nearly 1000 boxes overall AP, KARNATAKA. To keep our beehives active and healthy we migrate hives from place to place in a different season. Bees may die due to chemicals, so we select wild sanctuaries, organically cultivated areas.

    We migrate our beehives to the flora seasonal areas according to the climatic condition. We migrate our beehives to wild sanctuaries like ARAKU, SRISAILAM, RAMPACHODAVARAM, KOUNDINYA FOREST, we migrate our beehives to organically cultivated crops like WATERMELON, COCONUT, LEMON, CASHEW NUT, SUNFLOWER NEEM, MUSTARD.

    RAW HONEY PURIFICATION We purify raw honey by using 60 to 100 microns stainless steel mesh. We pass honey through microfilter chamber where honey gets filtered from BEES, BEES LEGS, AND WINGS, BEE WAX, POLLEN, DUST.
    1. COLLECTION OF HONEY: We collect honey from the above places by using an extraction procedure. we clean the beehives by wiping the bees in bee boxes and collect honey trough honey extractor were the eggs, the larva of bees will not be disturbed and used for future growth. Here we strictly prohibit the squeezing method.
    2. HONEY PROCESSING: To remove moisture in the honey we heat the honey through hot water of 40 degrees centigrade. So that the moisture in the honey gets evaporated and by using vacuum we remove moisture. By using honey refractometer we check the moisture content in honey. Next, we go for the honey testing procedure and after checking all 15 parameters in the honey we move for packing.
    3. BOTTLING HONEY: We pack the honey in cleaned and dried food grade bottle and container. Our production team weighs every bottle.containers. Honey is sealed with an aluminum foil and wad . We check all batch numbers,fssai lic no, the bar code on bottles.

    1. FACTORY OUTLET: Rathna honey company is having a factory outlet on the company premises. Many people visit our company and purchases honey in our outlet.
    2. CLIENT REQUIREMENT: We take orders from the clients and pack the honey as per their requirement. If it is a container or bottle packing we take special care until the client receives the product.
    3. STORES: While we place the orders in the store we enquire the customer's requirement and provide some satisfaction discounts and offers for them. For every store, we maintain a feedback process to get valuable information through our customers.