Quality & Certifications


We collect honey from different kinds of plants in the flowering season to maintain the FLAVOUR, TEXTURE, COLOUR, TASTE, SMELL. According to the botanical structure of a particular area, we migrate our bee hives there and collect pure honey from those particular plants.

In mansoon, we collect honey from TAMARIND, LEMON, EUCALYPTUS PLANTATION. In winter we collect honey from wild sanctuaries like ARAKU AND NALLMALA FOREST REGION.


  • We maintain heating temperature up to 40-degree centigrade to save the medical values in the honey
  • By using the vacuum method we remove moisture content in the honey to maintain good preserving time
  • By using STAINLESS STELL BODY MACHINARY we control the contamination in honey
  • We test honey to detect adulteration when we purchase honey from the farmers or local people
  • We test honey for 15 parameters in our QC lab
  • We have qualified and trained QC person for honey analysis
  • We test honey as per BIS (BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARD )
  • Our QC person is trained in CBRTI Pune about honey testing and analysis


  • We maintain good HYGIENIC POLICY by preventing direct contact with honey by our employees.
  • Our employees wear APRON, HAND GLOVES, HEAD CAP, FACE MASKS, SHOE COVERS, to prevent contamination.
  • After processing of every batch, we cleanse our containers and types of equipment with steam, water to kill harmful germs.
  • After checking the previous cleaning records only our supervisor starts the processing.


COA -Honey