Company Policies

Safety Profile

Rathna Honey Adheres to the standard safety requirements when it comes to Food Safety and Material Handling

Food and Safety Policy

  1. Implementing a Food Safety Management System with an aim to produce and supply of safe, quality Products that meet customers’ satisfaction and expectations.
  2. Comply with statutory, regulatory & customer requirements and to protect the end users with consistent quality through the application of good manufacturing/hygiene practices and HACCP principles.
  3. Ensuring all employees involved in FSMS receive appropriate and adequate training on personal hygiene, housekeeping and GMP.
  4. Ensuring that both internal and external communications regarding food safety are fully addressed.
  5. Meeting all the Food Safety Management objectives.

Glass Policy

  1. Covered tube lights and bay lights will be used in the process areas, stores and any other place where the product or process is exposed.
  2. The glass will not be used in the process areas, stores, and wherever else the product or process is exposed.  In case it is used in these areas it will be shatter proofed to prevent shattering and splintering of the glass.
  3. In case of any breakage of glass, the area will be cleaned up and the glass pieces disposed of properly.
  4. The in-process or finished product in the area will be inspected for any contamination by broken pieces of glass.
  5. The product with contamination will be rejected and suitably disposed.
  6. The process will be started only after complete inspection and clearance given.
  7. Persons who are directly involved in process/product measurement & Control shall not wear glass bangles, watches, etc.
  8. Drinking water shall not be stored in glass bottles.

Metal Policy

  1. Any kind of metal / plastic Jewellery like, chains, rings, bracelets, bangles, ear rings shall not be worn to avoid the risk of contamination.
  2. No chords / threads shall be tied on hands / necks.
  3. Wristwatches shall not be worn.
  4. Nail varnish / polish shall not be used.
  5. All sharp cutting instruments shall be controlled as follows:
  6. All sharp knives, blades, and instruments used in the manufacture of herbal medicines/extracts shall be suitably controlled both into and out of the factory for use and disposed of in a sealed container when no longer usable.